First Investment Bank Bulgaria Branch in Dupnitsa
IBAN: BG13FINV91501017658126 BIC: FINVBGSF
Holder: Association "CLOSE TO YOU"

We created – We are an association “Close to YOU”

“If for every good being there would be at least one more…” Yes, we believe this verse can become a reality and we are ready to stand by anyone in need. We are an association “close TO YOU”. You know us as volunteers from the platform “Shared winter is warm” – we dress trees with clothes for the poor, help children and youth with disabilities, the socially disadvantaged and sick, refugees and homeless. We have joined together as a public benefit charity to be more effective and have more opportunities for activity. During the years that volunteering has been our cause, we have become convinced that the people of Dupnitsa are really people with big hearts, that they support every noble mission, that they sympathize and help sincerely. We hope that in our future missions all of you, whose personal happiness depends on the smile of the one next to you, will be our supporters. We stand by anyone who needs a helping hand and will help to the best of our ability. We have ideas and we dream of Dupnitsa becoming an oasis of good, but we need your support too! We believe that good is action!

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